7 Essential Tips for Beginner Squash Racquet Selection

Embarking on the Squash Journey: A Primer

Entering the dynamic, fast-paced sphere of squash is an invigorating adventure. A vital step in this exploration is the selection of an appropriate beginner squash racquet. This comprehensive guide aims to enlighten you about the subtleties of squash racquets and aid you in making an impeccable choice.

beginner squash racquet selection

Grasping the Fundamentals of a Squash Racquet

Prior to delving into the process of selection, it’s crucial to acquaint yourself with the rudimentary elements of a squash racquet.

The Racquet Frame

The frame of the racquet encapsulates the entire structure minus the strings. It comprises the handle, throat, and head. The frame’s weight and balance are significant determinants of your command and strength in the game.

The Racquet Strings

The strings constitute the hitting surface of the racquet. The tightness of these strings dictates the force and control you can exert over your strokes.

The Racquet Grip

The grip is the section of the racquet you clutch. An agreeable grip is vital for efficient handling and control.

Aspects to Contemplate While Engaging in Beginner Squash Racquet Selection

Selecting a squash racquet involves consideration of a myriad of factors.

Racquet Weight

Squash racquets typically weigh between 110g to 170g. For novices, a heavier racquet is advisable as it imparts greater stability.

Balance Point

The balance point of a squash racquet can lean towards being head-heavy, evenly distributed, or head-light. For novices, a racquet that’s either evenly balanced or head-light can yield superior control.

String Tension

Lower string tension equates to increased power, while higher tension grants more control. Novices may favor racquets with reduced tension for more potent shots.

Grip Size

The grip size should ideally be proportional to your hand size. A larger grip imparts more stability, while a smaller one allows better maneuverability.

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Top-Notch Squash Racquets for Novices

We present a glance at some of the finest squash racquets tailored for beginners.

1. HEAD Nano Ti 110 Squash Racquet

The HEAD Nano Ti 110 is an outstanding option for beginners. It’s lightweight and features an oversized head for effortless ball hitting.

2. Prince Pro Airstick Lite 550 Squash Racquet

This racquet delivers exceptional balance and power, making it ideal for beginners. Its lightweight structure ensures effortless handling.

3. Dunlop Beginner Squash Racquet

The Dunlop Beginner Squash Racquet is engineered with a larger sweet spot and enhanced stability, perfect for those new to the game.


Concluding Thoughts

Selecting the right squash racquet as a novice may appear intimidating initially, but comprehension of the various factors can markedly simplify the task. Bear in mind, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer; opt for a racquet that feels comfortable in your grip and complements your style of play. In due course, with consistent practice and experience, you’ll find your perfect counterpart in a racquet that takes your squash skills to unprecedented levels.

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