Unveiling the Secret to Selecting the Best Squash Rackets

Squash, a dynamic high-paced sport, demands agility and reflexes. Among the primary equipment needed to excel, a perfect squash racket is pivotal. In this comprehensive article, we will provide guidance on choosing the best squash rackets to elevate your game prowess.

Squash Racket Insights: Know Your Game

Understanding the intricacies of your squash racket is paramount. Its weight, balance and string tension significantly impact your gameplay.

Weighty Matters

Lightweight squash rackets, typically between 110g and 140g, offer increased maneuverability. Primarily, they provide quicker racket head-speed suiting players adept at volleying and reflex shots. Heavier rackets from 140g to 170g, on the other hand, deliver more power in the strokes and are preferred by traditional-length shooters.

Holding the Balance

Balance, or the weight distribution in a squash racket, significantly affects its performance. Head-light rackets are more maneuverable while the head-heavy ones pack a powerful punch. Choosing between them depends on your game style.

String Tensions

The tension of squash racket strings lies generally between 20lb to 30lb. Higher tension offers more control, while lower tension adds power to the shots.

Analyzing the Best Squash Rackets

Utilizing our core understanding of rackets, let us now scrutinize the top-rated squash rackets available.

Technifiber Carboflex X-Speed 130

This racket is a perfect blend of power and control. It has iBlades structure reinforcement limiting flexibility and features Aeroshaft design for faster swing speed and control. Weighing just 130g, it offers excellent maneuverability.

Dunlop Hyperfibre+ Evolution Pro

Favoured by World Number One Gregory Gaultier, this racket packs power. The hyperfibre+ technology enhances the swing weight, and Aero Profile frame adds maneuverability. Paired with an extra Head-light balance, it’s a powerhouse.

HEAD Graphene 360 Speed

Well-acknowledged for its maneuverability and control, it features graphene 360 construction for stellar energy transfer. The Adaptive Fan Pattern (AFP) technology allows choosing between straight string pattern for more power or a specialized fan-shaped pattern for more control.

Choosing the Best Squash Racket

To choose the best squash racket, evaluate your gameplay style first. Lightweight rackets offer more agility. However, if your gamestyle is more about power, a heavier racket would be suitable. Remember to look out for the balance and string tension according to your preference.

Opt for a squash racket that complements your gameplay. Advanced players can choose between control-oriented or power-oriented rackets depending on their style. Beginners may opt for all-around rackets.

Finally, consider the grip size and material. A well-fitted grip enhances comfort and reduces the risk of injuries.

Caring for Your Squash Racket

Investing in a premium squash racket necessitates proper aftercare. Always store your racket in a temperature-controlled environment, not in a car boot or near a heat source. Regularly restring and regrip your racket to maintain optimum performance.


Having the right squash racket is paramount to game domination. With an array of options such as Technifiber Carboflex X-Speed 130, Dunlop Hyperfibre+ Evolution Pro, and HEAD Graphene 360 Speed, it becomes necessary to make an informed and personalized choice.

Remember, a great squash player isn’t made by the racket alone. The right technique, fitness, and dedication complement a good racket in setting the squash court ablaze. So, gear up and let the games begin.

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